Friday, September 6, 2013

Magic Mike - S. Soderbergh 2012

Another mystery of life : Men exploiting or being exploited by sex are typically perceived as studs or players, while women doing the same are termed sluts, tramps, hoes, bitches or any other of the countless existing synonyms.
Is that because western society likes to see women as victims?

Soderbergh's film is said to be loosely based on an episode in Channing Tatum's past, but I think a director of this talent should still have been able to make something out of this.
A complacent story about friendship, and the transition from innocence to experience feels like a very shallow treatment of a sadly under-exploited subject.

It is aesthetically appealing, of course. The yellowish filter adds a dream-like character to the film.

Interesting point : Despite my aversion to detective shows, I must have seen hundreds of female strippers on film. Yet, I cannot remember ever seeing a single one being coached in the art of stripteasing, like McConaghey's character does to Pettyfer's.
I (reluctantly!) refrain from drawing any conclusions.

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